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Like every other 7 year old girl in 1997, I had a huge obsession with the Spice Girls. In particular, Baby Spice. I wanted to be just like her- I begged my mom to let me buy size 5 women’s platform shoes (“I’ll grow into them! They’re not THAT big!”), sucked on the official Spice [...]

En Coulisses With The Girls: Fashion Peep Show

Backstage pictures from the Spring/Summer 2011 vintage fashion show “St-Tropez The Seventies”. Coco Dolle, Artist Hope Mallory and Moki Moki and Masako Emilie Michelle Michelle and Tiffany Faith Malia Mallory Moki and Tanya Tiffany and Faith Masako, Moki and Mallory Emilie and Hope Moki  CC and her girls photos by Douglas Marks

365 Sexy Days

Spank us, we’re on the naughty list! Just in time for the holidays, Le Grand Strip is putting out our very own super sexy pin-up calendar to ring in the new year. Make your list and check it twice- twelve of the nicest, naughty girls we know want to add some attitude to your agenda! [...]

Just Lick It!

Its sugar and spice and everything nice here at Le Grand Strip! We’re halfway through the summer and its been sweet as ever. This time of year is surely one to celebrate- go to the beach, see a concert, wave your lighter in the air! Even if you can’t take a vacation, a city like [...]

What Time Is It?

IT’S TIME TO GET SHORTS!!!!!! and cinch that waify waist of yours with great belts…@ LGS, we’re like nuts about les ceintures (belts in French), and we’re losing weight to close it!!!! see a couple of teasers from our collection…Style forward with Spring rewards!

LGS fashion show for hysterical women Spring 2010

It is already soooo last week, but, there it is- finally- a preview of the looks and attitude of our LGS girls, who rallied like so many pretty snow bunnies to Le Grand Strip boutique for a little (I mean we were a hundred) in-house vintage fashion runway. Staged on Valentines- and concurrently on the [...]

Vintage Fashion Show for Hysterical Women

This Valentine’s day we are having a great fashion show at our store Le Grand Strip!!RSVP today and get free kisses from your Le Grand Strip!!

Le Grand Strip fashion show

Isn’t the cold so invigorating? For us ladies, the combo “trying to stay warm + sexy” has proved to be a natural resource inducing exercise: our creative NY survival mode is so on, there’s no stopping it! So, besides the looks that are popular at LGS (lots of furs, oversize jackets, layering, blazers with cashmere [...]


One of the HAPPIEST moments in one’s life! Le blog is finally live! Major thanks to Dani Luft, the sexiest catalyst and operator money could NOT get, and to the man that’ll be mine forever, Tim, my baby boy. Maybe it seems that’s everyone is blogging or Twiting like it’s second nature to them, but [...]

xmas men

Are men big time procrastinators? it’s always-and only- two days before Christmas that they come in LGS for a little tentative shopping; they always look as if they’ve been given THE ULTIMATUM! It’s the cutest thing to see them look into feminine territory to retrieve THE gift that will keep them from disgrace/fights/arguments/breakup/ and into [...]