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Monthly Archives: December 2009

xmas men

Are men big time procrastinators? it’s always-and only- two days before Christmas that they come in LGS for a little tentative shopping; they always look as if they’ve been given THE ULTIMATUM! It’s the cutest thing to see them look into feminine territory to retrieve THE gift that will keep them from disgrace/fights/arguments/breakup/ and into [...]

Oh Larry David (wanted to say Jesus Christ but it’s so played out)! Xmas things are happening all around, but we’re not really sure what they are…CNN is saying stuff like REPURPOSING, TIGHTWAD TECHNIQUES, 36% LESS SPENDING, and so it feels like not so Christmassy anymore!!! So humbug this year…meanwhile the LGS Santa keeps dropping [...]

the very first time

This is the very first day of the blog! actually, Danny and I decided it was gonna be called Le Blog, because we have l’accent! the best part about setting this up is that Danny has a history in “stage” work and she’s been known to do burlesque and things …and there she is sitting [...]