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Monthly Archives: March 2011


Like every other 7 year old girl in 1997, I had a huge obsession with the Spice Girls. In particular, Baby Spice. I wanted to be just like her- I begged my mom to let me buy size 5 women’s platform shoes (“I’ll grow into them! They’re not THAT big!”), sucked on the official Spice [...]

En Coulisses With The Girls: Fashion Peep Show

Backstage pictures from the Spring/Summer 2011 vintage fashion show “St-Tropez The Seventies”. Coco Dolle, Artist Hope Mallory and Moki Moki and Masako Emilie Michelle Michelle and Tiffany Faith Malia Mallory Moki and Tanya Tiffany and Faith Masako, Moki and Mallory Emilie and Hope Moki  CC and her girls photos by Douglas Marks